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The Average Stripper

I’ve been saying this since I started my Myspace blog in 2007: Stripping is NOT like it used to be.  It is very competitive, and dancers are a completely disposable commodity to the mega-clubs in large cities. The combination of mainstream society glamourizing strip clubs as pop culture AND a difficult job market has huge measurable effects on the take home pay of the average stripper. I emphasize average. The average stripper does not have a physical description.  She comes […]


Make More Money Stripping By Improving Your Customer Service

Recently I went to two strip clubs with a friend who had several hundred dollars of cash earmarked for lap dances. When we arrived to the establishments, we noticed two things: 1. A room full of guys who were staring at the stage with blank looks on their faces, NOT buying dances. 2. Twenty girls standing along the wall talking to each other with scowls on their faces. It reminded me of the chicken and the egg question…which one came […]

How to Sell Lapdances To Foreigners

Have you ever had a customer from another country?  Ever feel like selling to a foreign male customer  is different than selling to an American male customer? Each of us has our own distinct personality type: some of us are driven by power, others by pleasure, while some of us make decisions based on analysis or feelings. Nevertheless, overlaid on top of that are the tendencies, assumptions, and reflexes handed down to us by the history of the community we […]


Tips for Planning Your Summer Strip Trip

WHAT TO BRING The first topic is clothing. In most major metropolitan areas, many of the dancer boutiques are open until 10pm, and some are open 24 hours. One of my students told me that she went on a tour of clubs throughout the Midwest and never once did it occur to her that she couldn’t shop for shoes or a new outfit at 3 AM when she was in Sioux City, Iowa! If you tend to pack light, think […]

Strategies for Summer Strip Tripping

Every stripper in town will tell you that summers are notoriously slow.  Inevitably, the conversations in the dressing room then begin to revolve around traveling to another city to work. I’m sure you’ve heard, or participated in one of these conversations: Barbie: This club sucks.  I’m going to Vegas.  I heard Suzie went to Vegas and made a grand every night she worked. Brandi: Yeah, I talked to Suzy too, but I heard she only made a grand one night […]

Stripper Salary-Three Ways to Increase It

The first method is trial and error. Unlike chain restaurants, department stores, and even call centers…when you get hired as an exotic dancer, there is NO formal sales training. I remember when I was hired as a waitress at Cheesecake Factory. I had to sit through an entire week of training videos and classes that explained how to upsell appetizers, specials, and premium liquor so that a $40 check turned into a $100 check. In the strip club, you are […]

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Where is the Best Strip Club? Vegas, Miami, North Dakota?

As many of you know, I traveled to Las Vegas for most of my career. Las Vegas has long been hailed the “Mecca” for exotic dancers worldwide. Entertainers would hit Vegas for a weekend, a week, or a few years hoping to hit the proverbial jackpot of strip club income. Yet after speaking with so many dancers, it’s always amazing at the rumors you hear. I’m actually shocked they don’t use the Vegas gentlemen’s clubs as examples in both micro […]

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One Of The Secrets To Making More Money Stripping

I’ve been “off” for several months now.  Maybe it was the divorce, maybe it was moving across the country (two and a half times) maybe it was the distraction of my fun but going nowhere fling.  Whatever it was, I found myself doing lots of OTHER things with my time than stripping.  This is not necessarily a bad thing.  We all need time off. I realized on Friday and Saturday night: whatever I was lacking was BACK WITH A VENGEANCE!!!  […]


How to Sell Lapdances From The Bar

My evening started with the guys from West Virginia at the bar. I was sipping a Diet Coke at the bar when one of the middle aged white guys in a golf shirt stumbled over his own foot and plowed into the barstool next to me. “I’ve been drinkin’ since noon…” he mumbles. I have been actively working on my bar-hustle. I usually gravitate towards the guys sitting at a table because they are already relaxed, they have their space, […]


Overcoming Objections-What To Say When The Customer Says “No.”

You’re too tall” was my first response of the night. “Not to be rude or anything…but you’re not my type.” I had two choices, smile and walk on by or try again. There was no one else and Mr Objection was my target client:early 40s wearing a golf shirt, his own 6 foot 2 frame sprawled across two straight backed chairs. “So what… all the good stuff lines up when I straddle you, doesn’t it?” I replied with my best […]