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How Much Money Do Strippers Make

I get asked all the time, “How much money do strippers make?”

The answer: anywhere from -$100 to +$2000.  It all depends on your skill level.  In my career, I have walked out negative $27 once.  That was because I started to get a migraine about 30 minutes into my shift.  I did two or three dances, and then had to leave.  My best night EVER was roughly $6600 (3 hours @ $400/hr plus a $5k chip from Ceasars) in 2004.  I haven’t come close to that ever again.

how much money do strippers make

The questions isn’t really “How much money do strippers make?”  Rather you should ask yourself “If I was a stripper, how much money could I make?

Stripping isn’t a job, you don’t get paid just for showing up.  In fact you could end up owing the club money if you don’t show up with a SuperStripper Attitude.

If you are new to dancing, or have been thinking about trying it for the first time.  Keep in mind that most of the strippers who have gone through my Step By Step Stripping Beginner Program average $500/shift, working 4 shifts a week, which translates to a 6 figure business.  In this program I teach you the EXACT strategy to make $500 per night.


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