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Club Review Spearmint Rhino Dallas

This is my club review Spearmint Rhino Dallas.   I worked at The Spearmint Rhino during my trip to Dallas in September 2008.  Since my fingerprint card was still on file, it was a natural choice to just pop back into that club.  Especially when the other option is  pay another $50 for fingerprints, audition, get hired, go through orientation, y

ada yada yada.  Plus one of my DancerWealth students worked there and this allowed me the opportunity to do some in-club coaching with her.  She also got to entertain one of my regulars and his colleagues for an evening.

club review spearmint rhino dallas

In my opinion, The Rhino is one of the nicer clubs in Dallas.  The facility is relatively new, I believe it opened in January 2008.  It is right off the freeway (gosh is that west coast terminology or what?) a few exits north of NorthWest Highway aka Strip Club Row.  The two story building has several VIP and Champagne Rooms.  The upper level is semi-VIP.  There is a separate stairwell for VIP Card members, but I noticed anyone can walk up the main staircase and hang out at the upstairs bar.  The members section is roped off, and there is a private lap dance areas and champagne room beyond those velvet ropes.

Downstairs there are two similar private lap dance areas and a beautiful champagne room with wraught iron “windows” that overlook the stage.  Dances on the main floor are $20, private dances are $25.  I only had one guy say to me “Well, I’d rather save the $5 and get my dance out here.”

The stage fee maxes out at $35 after 9pm, early birds can pay less.  There is mandatory $5-10 Housemom and DJ tip out.  Manager tip-out is “appreciated.”  The whole check out process was very formal.  An entertainer who wants to leave must first go to the manager in the back office and ask for a check out slip.  Although the manager tip is “appreciated” it certainly is convenient that any entertainer who is leaving the building has to go to him first.  Then the entertainer has to get the DJ and HouseMom signatures on the check out slip.  On the way out the door, the security staff collects the check out slip and makes sure all the appropriate signatures are intact.  I was very surprised that there wasn’t a mandatory security tip out….until I walked myself out to my car every night.

Getting OUT of the parking lot is another debacle.  At closing time, the only way out is to make a left turn onto a very crowded street that backs up from the overflow from several clubs down the street.  On weekends there is also incoming traffic for the afterhours club next door AND the swingers club a few buildings down the street.

Overall, I liked working at The Spearmint Rhino.  This location was pretty typical for the chain: 65% younger, hip clientele, 35% older VIP types who pick the club based on the name-brand familiarity.  The dress code was MUCH more lax than The Lodge, which means I was sometimes a tad bit overdressed in my rhinestone dresses!  So I went shopping and picked out a RED zip front corset that became my newest favorite outfit!

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