Phoenix Scottsdale Stripper License

In order to obtain the Scottsdale Adult Service Provider License (is that an awful name or what??) an applicant must have a valid state issued photo ID that includes height, weight, hair, eyes, sex, and DOB ( NY, NJ,  PA don’t) If your current drivers license does not have all of those OR if it is on the list of states that do not verify residence (UT, IL, NM, HI, WA) then you have to go to the DMV to get a local ID ($12) or drivers license ($25)  In order to obtain these you need to have your current ID,  passport and a verifiable local address before you can apply for the license.  For all of this residential verifying that is supposed to be so necessary in order to obtain The Scottsdale Adult Service Provider License…the AZ DMV issued two of my bootcampers drivers licenses instead of local ID cards without verifying their residence at The SuperStripper Mansion.  Crazy, huh?  Once the entertainer has the local ID, she can return to Scottsdale City Hall Suite 110, pay $120 for licensing and fingerprinting.  Once this license is obtained, an entertainer can work at one of the two topless clubs in Scottsdale: Babe’s Cabaret or Skin Cabaret.

The Phoenix Erotic Entertainer License is completely different from the Scottsdale license.  It is much easier to obtain, which is why most traveling entertainers tend to work in Phoenix rather than Scottsdale.  An out of state ID is fine, and no other secondary ID is required.  The licensing department is located on the 10th floor of Phoenix City Hall at 300 West Washington St.  The fee is $28.  Topless entertainers apply for the Erotic Entertainer license.  Entertainers who work at Full nude clubs apply for the Adult Cabaret Performer License.

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  1. amanda buehler says:

    I just want to know how much it would be to get a stripper license just to strip

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