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Stripper Wages How Much Money Do Strippers Make

Have you ever wondered what the average stripper wage was?  I get asked all the time, “How much money do strippers make?”

Thousands of women have turned to stripping to make ends meet for their families. Not surprisingly, their new stripper wages are comparable to some very esteemed professions.

Well, it varies from a good night to a bad night, but suppose a stripper only averages $200/shift and she works 4x a week. That is $800/week or $40k per year. If she works 5x a week that is $1000/week or $50k per year.

Most of the strippers who have gone through my Step By Step Stripping Beginner Program average $500/shift, working 4 shifts a week, which translates to a 6 figure business.

stripper wages

Stripper Wages: $500 per shift

$500 a day – sure would be nice to make that everyday, wouldn’t it? Especially in this economy!  I know for myself, as with a lot of people, that kind of income can really be… well, it can be life changing. Sadly, too many entertainers give up on it before they get there. They let their heads get filled with ideas like easy and fast and simple. It’s not easy, fast, and simple – BUT… it IS DO-ABLE. This is how I got there.


If someone wanted me know the exact learning steps to take to make $500 a day, I would say this:
Before anything else – get the words easy, fast, and simple out of your mind. You are building a business. You need education. You need tools. You need support. But you do NOT need pipe dreams  standing in your way. If you want to learn how to make stripping starting with very little money to invest, these are the things you do. As you make money, you reinvest into your education, your tools, and your business.

Step One -Get the basics
Learn the basics of selling. Learn about how to approach customers (i.e not “Wanna Dance”)  and how to construct a conversation with them.  There are three parts of a conversation: The Opener, The Middle, and The Closing Line.  If you are not doing these basics then you are wasting your time (and breath) every night that you work.  Our soon to be released e-book will guide you through these three parts of the conversation.

Step Two – Get a Plan Of Action
As time passes, you will find you have a lot of knowledge in-between your ears, but feel a lot lost as to what to DO with it all. It is time to begin a daily plan of action so each day you have focused goals and can see yourself being productive… AND you get to see RESULTS. This is crucial…and this is the part where 95% give up.

Whats the saying? Fail to plan and plan to fail? Something like that…lol But you need a way to put it all together.   You also will want an action plan that is also a strong root system for your entire stripping business that you can build on.

That is exactly WE are!

Step Three- Get Support

You will also need support and a community you can count on for help and feedback. Working at a strip club can be a bit lonely at times and it can also be VERY over-whelming when you feel you are going at it all alone. Community is important as you move through this stage. It will help keep you motivated, involved, and also help you build a network of marketing peers that will be able to help you (and YOU help THEM) through-out your entire career.

Click the link below to learn the EXACT strategy to make $500 per night.


I am not saying that stripping is the solution for every attractive woman. However, if you are considering becoming a stripper or want to make more money stripping, let me help you improve your stripper wages.

My beginner program costs less than 1 lap dance, and will help you start making more money stripping tonight.

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