If you want to make more money stripping, the best thing you can do is to maintain a regular schedule that works with your natural bio-rhythms.  After all…one of the benefits of working in the gentlemen’s club industry is the freedom of TIME.  If you are naturally a night person, you don’t have to wake up to the 9-5 drudgery.  If you need your beauty sleep when its dark outside, many clubs offer a dayshift.

Most clubs do not require a schedule. The exception to the rule is areas where the larger chains dominate the region, like DejaVu in San Francisco, and Spearmint Rhino in Southern California.

For the most part though, strip clubs have open scheduling which can lead many exotic dancers to be undisciplined because they can come and go when they feel like it. Although that can be fun for a while, it relies on a consistently BUSY club in order to make a steady living. In this economy, that is hard to find.

One of the things we teach in DancerWealth is the Consistency Hot Button. One of the MANY ways you can use the consistency hot button is to work a regular schedule. One of the biggest advantages of having regular nights that you work is that you can get regular customers—guys who come in specifically to see you dance. These are some of the most profitable guys you can get because they’re already sold on getting dances from you! There’s no need to warm them up.

To figure out what nights should be your regular schedule, record and look at what nights are most profitable. Most new dancers assume Friday and Saturday are the best nights to dance because guys with nine-to-five jobs are off work. In some places this is true, but it is not the case in others.  In Scottsdale,  weekends were packed with wealthy golfers on vacation who would spend a lot of money for VIP Privacy.  In Dallas, there wasn’t much weekend tourism…and the wealthy businessmen were home with their families (or in Scottsdale playing golf.)

Then, plan your schedule around your most profitable days. Typically, weather doesn’t matter much, unless you’re in a hurricane. In fact rainy nights can make guys all the more lonely and they’ll seek out the club to keep company, so don’t let a little weather discourage you. Looking at your actual take home cash when you work consistently will show this to be true.

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