I’ve been saying this since I started my Myspace blog in 2007: Stripping is NOT like it used to be.  It is very competitive, and dancers are a completely disposable commodity to the mega-clubs in large cities. The combination of mainstream society glamourizing strip clubs as pop culture AND a difficult job market has huge measurable effects on the take home pay of the average stripper.

I emphasize average.

The average stripper does not have a physical description.  She comes in many shapes, sizes, and hair colors.  She may be a knock-out with a perfect body, but lacks sales skills.  She may be a wide-eyed newbie who relies on the “wanna dance” approach.  She may have 5 or more years of experience, but was cursed with early success and easy money so she never really had to learn the trade. She can sell dances on nights when it’s “good” but not on nights that are “bad.”  She attributes her “good” nights to luck, and validates her “bad” nights by making sure everyone else is having a “bad” night too.  She worries about there being too many girls, and changes her outfit constantly hoping that she will will do better wearing something different.

Sound familiar to anyone?

There is nothing wrong or bad about being average.  I myself, am very average at many activities.  If my income were salary based, I would probably be an average employee.  Why put forth extra effort if I’m still going to make the same pay?  Stripping is not the same, every night there will be an entertainer who banks, and another who can’t pay back her house fee.

During my career as a stripper,  I took every opportunity to become better than average.  I was an average stripper until I took the DancerWealth course. The transformation from average to SuperStripper took several years, and it’s worth it!

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