Most people in the stripping industry will ask themselves this question at one point or another. This isn’t to say that the two are mutually exclusive, but many people struggle to decide which sounds more appealing to them so I wanted to use my experience to offer some guidance on the subject.

I began working in the stripping industry in 2007 and since this time have stripped myself, made numerous close friends in the industry and currently run my own agency – Peach Strippers. It would be fair to say that this experience has taught me the ups and downs associated with both clubs and agencies.

I started my career as a strippergram working for an agency and doing 4 or 5 dances a night. This was really exciting for me and at £70 a job I’d never had as much money as I was earning ever before. But aside from the high price per job I loved that I’d only have to work in total for less than an hour an evening, something I knew full well that wouldn’t be the case in a club. The autonomy of ‘being my own boss’ was also something that I really enjoyed as I could take or turn down jobs as and when I pleased, which really made my personal life very flexible.

You could argue that my background would make me biased to agency work, however I have experienced firsthand when things don’t go to plan. Although I’d say that 90% of my work was trouble free, rather unexpectedly rather than the customers, the main source of issues would be associated with my agent at the time. This would involve sending me to jobs that weren’t real or double booking me with other performers.

It was these bad experiences that made me start my own London stripper agency based on these first hand learning’s.

Strip clubs have never appealed to me personally, but this is easily where the majority of strippers perform. The clubs offer a safe environment with little effort required driving to different jobs. Many people I’ve spoken to have also said they enjoy working with other like minded people on a day to day basis and clubs offer this opportunity as opposed to agency jobs. I think convenience is one of the main reasons why people start working in strip clubs, and this is particularly true if you don’t drive. However, this does come at the cost of having to ‘sell yourself’ to would be customers rather than the agent doing the work. Also price per dance can be as low as £10 depending on where you work, so expect quantity over quality.

I firmly believe that there is no right or wrong way to approach how you market yourself for dances. This is something that you will learn with experience, many people change between agency and clubs based on their current situation, so my final advice would be to get out there and see what suits you!

By Peach Strippers