As with any type of lifestyle, different to our own instilled standards or cultural influences, so it is with populations worldwide regarding strip clubs! What is perceived as an art form, or entertainment in one country may not be accepted as such in another, but a question generally asked, is where freedom of choice and business opportunism meet?


The majority of people in this country do not associate a strip club with prostitution, which could be the result of the industry taking care to promote itself as offering entertainment value, instead of a sex related sector.

For the more upmarket clubs scene in Australia, the strip club emphasis seems to be directed towards the artistic and traditional striptease scenario. Presenting the right overall atmosphere, ambiance in a club, is for a club owner in a major Australian city, a crucial factor.

Beautiful dancing girls and a luxurious setting are combined to attract customers and help them enjoy a great time in a relaxed atmosphere.


The British club and strip club scene is designed to attract men and women. From a previous image of being “seedy”, the industry has for the most part, made an effort to present a more sophisticated appeal. Many venues offer members of both sexes, the opportunity to relax and appreciate talented artists.

There is another side to the industry, with dubious strip clubs catering for customers who specific in their needs. However, for entertainment value with some spice added, various strip clubs have choices, from entertaining pole dancers, personal lap dancing and beyond. In Britain, it’s a case of seek and you will find!


The Dubai government prohibits most illegal activities, such as prostitution and strip clubs, which has helped make it, one of the safest places in the world. However, in many clubs, the oldest profession can be conducted by attractive, elegant, expensive looking blonde women, seeking wealthy tourists and businessmen.

Whether in a club or a bar, beautiful girls will approach patrons directly. In general, the locals do not recommend going to any form of strip club, or one by any other name. It is strictly forbidden and a patron can be arrested, by one of the many undercover police officers, who are anywhere and everywhere.


The strip club scene in Holland is one without equal, worldwide. For variety, any age any sex and any preferences; there are venues in every city, competing for the valued customers, some from 11pm to high noon, the next day!

Depending on your particular requirements, will determine the club or strip club you will visit. The patrons in the more up-market clubs generally look good, are out to enjoy themselves and totally open minded. From the small, intimate, sexy strip club, to the crowded, wild noise of a true dance floor and stage entertainment center; Holland has it all!


In Thailand, a strip club is realistically the name for a sex show, which takes place on the floors above bars in small, darkened rooms. As the show progresses, there are a variety of options presented to the customers, by usually attractive Asian women.

This is a country in which the longer a tourist stays, less surprised they become at what they are offered in the strip clubs. For anyone wanting total disengagement from their real world, they can experience a world of sex and permissiveness. The traditional striptease artist with her dance pole routine is only a small part of it!


Article Courtesy of Platinum Stages UK