Last week, I shared Miss Ivy Young’s secret technique to help you financially dominate clients at work. You simply look a guy in the eyes and order him “On your knees.”

Once you have identified a client as submissive, he will be putty in your hands, ready and willing to follow any further orders you may have for him. You can get creative with whatever that may be! Some examples:

“Get on your knees and give me a foot massage.”

“Go to the bar and fetch me a [beverage of your choice.]”

“Open your wallet and give me every $20 bill that is in it.”

I asked Miss Ivy how you can identify someone who is submissive from someone who is not submissive. It’s not like submissive guys walk around with signs around their neck!

Miss Ivy said that she would go into this in more detail during her free training class, but right now she is happy to share the foundation with you. According to her, here are the 3 basic ways you can easily identify a submissive male in (and out of!) the club:

1. Check out his body language. If you raise your head high, does he lower his slightly? Does he spend a lot of time looking down at your feet? Is he making direct eye contact with you or are his eyes slightly averted? If he defers to you physically, there is a good chance he is submissive.

2. Is he extremely attentive, almost to the point of wanting to please and be told what to do? Does he offer you a drink or ask if you want your feet massaged (which he’d obviously have to pay for the privilege of!)? Does he seem to care more about your needs and making you happy than his own? If so, odds are he’s submissive!

3. Ask him a simple, direct question. Make sure to ask this question privately, when nobody else is close by in order to ensure a safe space for him to answer honestly: “Have you ever thought about being submissive to a Female?” If he admits it, he’s all yours.

So. Once you’ve identified a male with submissive tendencies, how can you fulfill the role of a Dominant Goddess that will bring out his deepest submission (and biggest tips!)?

Make sure to listen to Miss Ivy’s FREEĀ  ProDomme class to find out!