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Where To Work In Phoenix For The SuperBowl

1. Christie’s Cabaret
The dirty deeds being done onstage at Christie’s and the even dirtier thoughts bouncing around the filthy minds of its clientele are about the only thing that’s unkempt about the original home of the local topless-oriented chain. While all three Christie’s around the Valley are famous for impeccably ritzy Vegas-like décor and amenities, the Phoenix location is larger and a bit more posh that the others. More than two-dozen kinds of premium bubbly are available via the club’s champagne service, while its private nooks are awash in Victorian-inspired furniture and velvet curtains, giving off a rarified upscale aura that provides and interesting contrast some of the licentious exploits of its dancers.
2. Bourbon Street Circus
Two things that are in absolute abundance at Bourbon Street: Top-shelf women and top-shelf liquor. The phrase “model quality” doesn’t even begin to describe the five-alarm hotties that make up this landmark CenPho topless club’s roster. It’s as if they stepped straight out of the pages of a Victoria’s Secret catalog. For those whose tastes tend towards blondes, they perform nightly, as do stunning redheads and statuesque brunettes. To help quench your dry mouth after your tounge has hit the floor, Tex Avery-style, have one of Bourbon’s barkeeps craft you a primo cocktail or two using its cache of high-end spirits. Just remember, not matter how much liquid courage in fueling your mojo the chances of landing these strippers digits are infinitesimal.

Agency vs Clubs… Where’s Best Suited For Me?

Most people in the stripping industry will ask themselves this question at one point or another. This isn’t to say that the two are mutually exclusive, but many people struggle to decide which sounds more appealing to them so I wanted to use my experience to offer some guidance on the subject.

I began working in the stripping industry in 2007 and since this time have stripped myself, made numerous close friends in the industry and currently run my own agency – Peach Strippers. It would be fair to say that this experience has taught me the ups and downs associated with both clubs and agencies.

Where is the Best Strip Club? Vegas, Miami, North Dakota?

best strip club

As many of you know, I traveled to Las Vegas for most of my career. Las Vegas has long been hailed the “Mecca” for exotic dancers worldwide. Entertainers would hit Vegas for a weekend, a week, or a few years hoping to hit the proverbial jackpot of strip club income. Yet after speaking with so many dancers, it’s always amazing at the rumors you hear. I’m actually shocked they don’t use the Vegas gentlemen’s clubs as examples in both micro and macro economics classes at UNLV.

Best Strip Clubs For Strippers

best strip clubs for strippers

I came across this map as I was reading about my new hometown of Dallas, TX. The Blue Dot Cities are the ones where the men outnumber the women, therefore I think the blue dots also correlate to the Best Strip Clubs for Strippers


Apparently Dallas is one of the few cities in the nation where the women outnumber the men.  According to this map, there are 40,000 more single men than single women in Dallas.  My first thought was…no wonder the strip clubs here are always packed!