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How To Become A Stripper


As you may have noticed by reading our blog, our newsletters, and watching our informative videos, we are THE AUTHORITY on making more money every shift. Our community of mentors crushes one of the biggest problems we hear most from new dancers- “Why won’t anyone help me”??

We are here to HELP and we aren’t threatened by how cute and/or smart you are! We don’t even work in your same club! If you are the cagey veteran who has some tricks up her sleeveless gown, you know you can always use MORE sales techniques. What used to work like a charm a while back doesn’t seem to have the same effect on clients and your wallet that it used to.
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Using Costumes and Props in Your Stage Set

All stage sets are not created equal! What separates an amazing stage set from an average one is your ability to set yourself apart from the others, making your routine unique, memorable and thoroughly engaging from beginning to end. As I’ve said in a previous blog post, stripping is a much more competitive industry than it used to be. In addition to improving your customer service skills and a positive mindset, giving your set that creative edge may be just the thing to increase profits, make for more repeat customers, and more customers willing to throw in the extra cash for a lap dance. So, if you want to transform an average stage set into a truly profitable performance, consider incorporating costumes and props to stimulate your customers’ imaginations, as well as their wallets.

Overcoming Objections-What To Say When The Customer Says “No.”

You’re too tall” was my first response of the night. “Not to be rude or anything…but you’re not my type.”

I had two choices, smile and walk on by or try again. There was no one else and Mr Objection was my target client:early 40s wearing a golf shirt, his own 6 foot 2 frame sprawled across two straight backed chairs.

“So what… all the good stuff lines up when I straddle you, doesn’t it?” I replied with my best come-back.

It worked he smiled, leaned back opening up his body language and I sat in the empty chair.

Why it’s Smart to Befriend the Club Regulars….even if they DON’T buy Dances

One of the core foundations of the program is identifying a patron’s Hot Button to say “Yes.” Last night was a perfect example of one way I have used the Consistency Hot Button over the years.

If you can be a consistent factor in a patron’s ongoing strip club experience, you will make money. Last night, a patron I will refer to as “King David” stopped in at Babe’s Cabaret. I searched my archives and realized that I’ve only mentioned King David once, even though I have known him for over four years. He was never “my” regular customer, meaning that he always came into the club with the intention of seeing whoever happened to be his main squeeze of the week/month/season. However, he would always tip me well, and if he was entertaining clients, he would make sure to introduce me to them.

Are You Charging What You’re Worth? Or Are You Giving Too Much Away For Free?

What are You Charging Now?

Are you still able to charge the same hourly VIP rate that you were using in 2007? Do you work at a club that has LOWERED dance and champagne room prices?  If so, you could be selling yourself short and missing out on hard-earned profits!  The problem is that once you set your price, that’s where it stays until you work up the courage to negotiate a higher rate.

It’s important that you review your rates annually to be sure you’re in line with the industry standard and the value you provide.

Identifying Timewasters

Whenever I hear these phrases, I have a planned response to call him to action. If he bites, then he is a Limited Buyer If he doesn’t bite, then he is a dreaded TIMEWASTER!! Knowing the difference will save you time and money!

What do you do if a customer says something annoying like this to you?

1. You have to sell me on it.

2. Oh….the last time I was here I spent soooo much money

3. I know the owner

4. What do I get?

5. Are you better than her?

Using the 80/20 Rule in the Strip Club

One of the principles we emphasize in DancerWealth is the Pareto Principle, sometimes commonly referred to as the 80/20 rule. It’s not really something you can measure, nor is it scientifically accurate, but it can be applied to the strip club in two different ways.


The first way applies to customers: 80% of your profits come from 20% of your customers. This means that regulars are the bread and butter of your earnings. An entertainer that relies on hustling the floor 100% of the time is going to be discouraged right now. Its summer, its a recession, and I could go on and on with all the gripes I hear in the locker room.

Top 3 Reasons To Tip Your Strip Club DJ


It is standard policy in most strip clubs that the dancers tip 10% of their earnings to the Strip Club DJ.  Judging from the conversations with my long time industry friends, it seems that particular industry standard has been sliding.  Although some clubs like the Christie’s Chain have a “minimum tip-out” that is collected in the same manner as the house fees are collected, most of the time it is up to the dancer to decide how generous she is going to be.

strip club dj

If you tend to be one of the dancers who is less than generous, keep these three things in mind:

How To Be A Successful Stripper

If you are wondering how to be a successful stripper who sells lapdance after lapdance, we have a treat for you today!  In this article we will break down the sales process into an easy to follow format.  We will cover the very basics of how to structure the conversation so that you can get him to say YES and invite you to sit down. All you have to do is remember to pick out the right conversation starter!