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How To Become A Stripper

Make More Money Stripping By Improving Your Customer Service

Recently I went to two strip clubs with a friend who had several hundred dollars of cash earmarked for lap dances. When we arrived to the establishments, we noticed two things: 1. A room full of guys who were staring at the stage with blank looks on their faces, NOT buying dances. 2. Twenty girls standing along the wall talking to each other with scowls on their faces.

Where is the Best Strip Club? Vegas, Miami, North Dakota?

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As many of you know, I traveled to Las Vegas for most of my career. Las Vegas has long been hailed the “Mecca” for exotic dancers worldwide. Entertainers would hit Vegas for a weekend, a week, or a few years hoping to hit the proverbial jackpot of strip club income. Yet after speaking with so many dancers, it’s always amazing at the rumors you hear. I’m actually shocked they don’t use the Vegas gentlemen’s clubs as examples in both micro and macro economics classes at UNLV.

One Of The Secrets To Making More Money Stripping

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I’ve been “off” for several months now.  Maybe it was the divorce, maybe it was moving across the country (two and a half times) maybe it was the distraction of my fun but going nowhere fling.  Whatever it was, I found myself doing lots of OTHER things with my time than stripping.  This is not necessarily a bad thing.  We all need time off.

I realized on Friday and Saturday night: whatever I was lacking was BACK WITH A VENGEANCE!!!  One of my secrets is to FIND YOUR  SuperStripper FLOW!

The Six Steps to Flow in the Strip Club:

Make More Money Stripping Using This ONE Tip

If you want to make more money stripping, the best thing you can do is to maintain a regular schedule that works with your natural bio-rhythms.  After all…one of the benefits of working in the gentlemen’s club industry is the freedom of TIME.  If you are naturally a night person, you don’t have to wake up to the 9-5 drudgery.  If you need your beauty sleep when its dark outside, many clubs offer a dayshift.

Most clubs do not require a schedule. The exception to the rule is areas where the larger chains dominate the region, like DejaVu in San Francisco, and Spearmint Rhino in Southern California.

Black Friday Special-Save on Learning How To Bank in the VIP Room

Remember the days when nobody knew it was called “Black Friday” and trampled their fellow shoppers to get the door buster deals after camping out all night?  As you probably know, Black Friday is called that because it’s supposedly the day all the retailers in America start making money and getting out of the red losses for most of the year.

As you may have noticed by reading our blog, our newsletters, and watching our informative videos, we are THE AUTHORITY on making more money every shift. Our community of mentors crushes one of the biggest problems we hear most from new dancers- “Why won’t anyone help me”??

Make More Money Stripping With This One Simple Question

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Are you effective at selling regular $20 dances on the floor of  club, but having a difficult time selling trips to the VIP room?  Make more money stripping with this one simple question. In typical clubs throughout the United States, the “norm” is usually $100.00 for three songs, $250.00 for a ½ hour etc.

One thing I’ve learned while dancing throughout the country is that if there is EVERY club has at least one odd rule that requires some creative selling on the stripper’s part to get around.

The Scheherazade Effect

scheherazade effect

You are probably familiar with Some of the best-known stories of The Arabian Nights, particularly “Aladdin’s Wonderful Lamp”, “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves” and “The Seven Voyages of Sinbad the Sailor.” Have you ever heard the tale of Scheherazade and her 1,001 nights? If you want to become a SuperStripper, you must do more than work on tightening your glutes and upgrading your cup size, you must take a lesson from Scheherazade.

Identifying Timewasters

Whenever I hear these phrases, I have a planned response to call him to action. If he bites, then he is a Limited Buyer If he doesn’t bite, then he is a dreaded TIMEWASTER!! Knowing the difference will save you time and money!

What do you do if a customer says something annoying like this to you?

1. You have to sell me on it.

2. Oh….the last time I was here I spent soooo much money

3. I know the owner

4. What do I get?

5. Are you better than her?

Make More Money Stripping-The Art Of The Introduction

Make More Money Stripping

If you want to make more money stripping, then begin to pay attention to the way you introduce yourself to the customers.  If you get started correctly with a proper introduction, it will be easier to sell a lapdance later in the conversation

The Art Of The Introduction

Make Money Stripping By Not Taking No For An Answer

Make Money Stripping

It’s Friday night, and you want to make money stripping tonight.  The vibe is beginning to pick up at your club.  You saunter over to a well dressed customer who has all the classic signs of money.  He not only verbally welcomes you, but his body language relaxes as you slink into his lap.

The conversation is light, fun, and flirty.  You can tell he’s enjoying your attention…and you don’t mind hanging out with him either.  It seems like the PERFECT opportunity to present the VIP sale…until he shrugs his shoulders and says,”Oooh, I don’t know….I don’t think so…how about a dance right here”