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5 Very Different Attitudes Towards Strip Clubs Around the World

As with any type of lifestyle, different to our own instilled standards or cultural influences, so it is with populations worldwide regarding strip clubs! What is perceived as an art form, or entertainment in one country may not be accepted as such in another, but a question generally asked, is where freedom of choice and business opportunism meet?


The majority of people in this country do not associate a strip club with prostitution, which could be the result of the industry taking care to promote itself as offering entertainment value, instead of a sex related sector.

Club Review The Cheetah Corpus Christi TX

While on Labor Day vacation, this SuperStripper couldn’t keep herself out of the strip club!  OK, OK…truth be told I LOVE going to strip clubs as a customer.  Especially when I am on vacation and don’t have to work!

The Cheetah has a prime location on SPID (South Padre Island Drive) the main highway between downtown Corpus and the beaches on Padre Island.  There are tons of hotels along SPID, and not very many strip clubs, which gives The Cheetah an advantage over the other Corpus Strip Clubs.

Club Review Scarlett Oharas Sioux Falls SD

scarlett oharas

This is my club review Scarlett Oharas Sioux Falls SD.  Scarlett’s as it is affectionatly called by locals is the only strip club in Sioux falls. Sioux falls is the largest city in the upper-midwest, according to the city’s chamber of commerce.  The club books girls weekly. There are no walk-ins, no drop-ins, and no house fees. If you are interested in working here arrangements must be made ahead of time. I suggest booking through so that your airfare and hotel accomodations will be provided. If you live in the Sioux Falls area and don’t need travel arrangement, keep in mind that the local house entertainers are paid a weekly booking fee.

Club Review Spearmint Rhino Dallas

spearmint rhino dallas

This is my club review Spearmint Rhino Dallas.   I worked at The Spearmint Rhino during my trip to Dallas in September 2008.  Since my fingerprint card was still on file, it was a natural choice to just pop back into that club.  Especially when the other option is  pay another $50 for fingerprints, audition, get hired, go through orientation, y

ada yada yada.  Plus one of my DancerWealth students worked there and this allowed me the opportunity to do some in-club coaching with her.  She also got to entertain one of my regulars and his colleagues for an evening.

Club Review The Lodge in Dallas

the lodge dallas

From a dancer’s perspective, if I lived in Dallas…. I wouldn’t want to work anyplace else! Much of my opinion is due to the positive reinforcement strategies that owner, Dawn Rizos implements throughout the club. For example, there is NO HOUSE FEE for entertainers who arrive to work on time at 6pm. Dayshift entertainers not only pay no house fee, but are also fed a catered lunch by the club’s Five-Star Restaurant. I had the lobster bisque and crab stuffed halibut; it was delicious!

Club Review Christines Cabaret in Philadelphia

This is my club review Christines Cabaret in Philadelphia.  Nikita Kash at gave me the heads up on the Grand Opening of this club.  I drove by before it opened last week just to scope out the location.  It is actually a brand new building about a mile north of Oasis Gentlemen’s Club.  A few of the Oasis owners are also owners of this club. Here is the blurb from the Philadelphia Inquirer, scroll down to the bottom.