Strip and Grow Rich

How To Become A Stripper

3 Ways To Identify a Submissive In The Club

Last week, I shared Miss Ivy Young’s secret technique to help you financially dominate clients at work. You simply look a guy in the eyes and order him “On your knees.”

Once you have identified a client as submissive, he will be putty in your hands, ready and willing to follow any further orders you may have for him. You can get creative with whatever that may be! Some examples:

“Get on your knees and give me a foot massage.”

“Go to the bar and fetch me a [beverage of your choice.]”

The 10 Worst Ways To Hustle


“Wanna dance?”: only works  in a situation when the club is superbusy and there aren’t enough girls.   It is easy and doesn’t waste time on guys who aren’t going to buy anything.

Wear Him Down Hustle: Keep asking the same customer over and over again.  Maybe if you ask enough times, he will say yes just to get you to go away.   It’s not an effective long term strategy and it may ensure that he never comes back to the club again.

My First Night As A Stripper

I was asked the other night, “How on earth, did someone like you: a minister’s daughter, straight as an arrow A+ student…end up dancing.”

Well, it certainly wasn’t something that I planned. Nor was it a career highlighted by my high school guidance counselor. Although in my opinion, it should be.

Simple, I wanted to afford to eat.

Not kidding.

It was October 1999. I had just moved 3300 miles across the country to be with Mr Wrong. Six weeks after arriving in the armpit town of San Bernardino, CA I found out just how WRONG Mr Wrong was for me.

The Second Weirdest Thing That Ever Happened To Me At A Strip Club

2nd weirdest thing that happened to me in a strip club

I have gotten a lot of emails from women who want to know, “What is the absolute WORST thing that could happen to me if I decide to become a stripper?”

This is the Second Weirdest Thing that Ever Happened to Me at a Strip Club:

Day Four of a Superbowl Stripper

10:30am: Wake up with blazing tension/dehydration headache. I didn’t drink enough water last night. I didn’t have a drop of alcohol, but 6 hours of walking and 48 oz of water isn’t enough. Take 2 Exedrin Sinus Headache pills and drink a bottle of water

12:30pm: Head still pounding. Vinnie rubs my temples and works out the knot in my SCM muscle. He’s itching to work on the pool deck he’s been building part-time since April 06. Oh, and the HOA gave us til the end of February because it’s current unfinished state is an “eyesore” to the community. Take 2 Exedrin Migraine