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How To Become A Stripper

How To Keep Him In VIP for Several Hours

How To Become a VIP Girl

If you are an entertainer and you don’t know how to keep your customer interested in you longer than one 3 1/2 minute song…you have a BIG problem.

What do you do for five hours in VIP? Scorpio, a good customer of mine, once told me “Only 5% of women can intrigue a man longer than 30 seconds.” Extended VIP sessions are a lot like a cocktail party where you are the hostess. You sip champagne, you tell jokes and funny stories, you listen to their jokes and funny stories. You take silly pictures on YOUR cameraphone. Essentially, you use the Friendship Hot Button to solidify your business relationship with them. After all, the customers who purchase extended VIP sessions tend to be solidifying their business relationship with their clients by bonding over a shared interest in pretty girls.

How Much Money Do Strippers Make

how much money do strippers make

I get asked all the time, “How much money do strippers make?”

The answer: anywhere from -$100 to +$2000.  It all depends on your skill level.  In my career, I have walked out negative $27 once.  That was because I started to get a migraine about 30 minutes into my shift.  I did two or three dances, and then had to leave.  My best night EVER was roughly $6600 (3 hours @ $400/hr plus a $5k chip from Ceasars) in 2004.  I haven’t come close to that ever again.

how much money do strippers make

What Happens In The Champagne Room

What happens in the champagne room

Tiana asked a really good question in the comments.  You may have missed it because it was in a post from several weeks ago.  She wants to know how I respond to customers when they ask  “ What happens in the Champagne room?”

What happens in the champagne room

I have several different responses, which one I use depending on the customer’s personality type, the current lapdance turnover rate, and my SuperStripper intuition.  Your own SuperStripper intuition will develop the more you learn how to read personality types, and deal with this type of situation.

My First Night As A Stripper

I was asked the other night, “How on earth, did someone like you: a minister’s daughter, straight as an arrow A+ student…end up dancing.”

Well, it certainly wasn’t something that I planned. Nor was it a career highlighted by my high school guidance counselor. Although in my opinion, it should be.

Simple, I wanted to afford to eat.

Not kidding.

It was October 1999. I had just moved 3300 miles across the country to be with Mr Wrong. Six weeks after arriving in the armpit town of San Bernardino, CA I found out just how WRONG Mr Wrong was for me.

The Second Weirdest Thing That Ever Happened To Me At A Strip Club

2nd weirdest thing that happened to me in a strip club

I have gotten a lot of emails from women who want to know, “What is the absolute WORST thing that could happen to me if I decide to become a stripper?”

This is the Second Weirdest Thing that Ever Happened to Me at a Strip Club:

The Limited Buyer

“I can’t believe these guys! They just come in here and take up space!” I heard a girl say in the locker room.

“I know! They don’t have any money! They should just stay home!” another one chimed in.


Times have changed since the mid-2000s, when customers entered the strip club for the purpose of getting dances. Strip Clubs were taboo. You certainly wouldn’t admit you worked at one! I personally didn’t admit it to my friends until years later, and some still don’t know to this day!

Tractor Trip Report

It’s not just tractor guys at this convention. There are bulldozer guys as well. Nevertheless, there aren’t many women in the construction and agriculture equipment industry so the average attendee is male, mid-thirties to mid-fifties, and from the Mid west where the women are still bundling up their extra winter weight under bulky sweaters. Cha-ching!!!!!

The more I work at Treasures the more it becomes my favorite Vegas Club. Although it is highly visible from the I-15 at Sahara, it’s bit confusing to find once you are off the highway on the surface streets. The building isn’t really on a street. It is at the back end of an industrial park on Western Blvd, so you have to wind through a warehouse parking lot before you get to the club’s lot.

The Mexican Octopus

Friday night started out with the Mexican Octopus. He was from San Jose, CA and in town for his son’s soccer tournament. I guess he snuck out after the team of 10 year olds went to bed. “…” I would say everytime I took his hands off my thigh and placed them onto the chair, “I don’t know what’s allowed in San Jose, but here you can grope the chair all you want!”

Day Four of a Superbowl Stripper

10:30am: Wake up with blazing tension/dehydration headache. I didn’t drink enough water last night. I didn’t have a drop of alcohol, but 6 hours of walking and 48 oz of water isn’t enough. Take 2 Exedrin Sinus Headache pills and drink a bottle of water

12:30pm: Head still pounding. Vinnie rubs my temples and works out the knot in my SCM muscle. He’s itching to work on the pool deck he’s been building part-time since April 06. Oh, and the HOA gave us til the end of February because it’s current unfinished state is an “eyesore” to the community. Take 2 Exedrin Migraine