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Where To Work In Phoenix For The SuperBowl

1. Christie’s Cabaret
The dirty deeds being done onstage at Christie’s and the even dirtier thoughts bouncing around the filthy minds of its clientele are about the only thing that’s unkempt about the original home of the local topless-oriented chain. While all three Christie’s around the Valley are famous for impeccably ritzy Vegas-like décor and amenities, the Phoenix location is larger and a bit more posh that the others. More than two-dozen kinds of premium bubbly are available via the club’s champagne service, while its private nooks are awash in Victorian-inspired furniture and velvet curtains, giving off a rarified upscale aura that provides and interesting contrast some of the licentious exploits of its dancers.
2. Bourbon Street Circus
Two things that are in absolute abundance at Bourbon Street: Top-shelf women and top-shelf liquor. The phrase “model quality” doesn’t even begin to describe the five-alarm hotties that make up this landmark CenPho topless club’s roster. It’s as if they stepped straight out of the pages of a Victoria’s Secret catalog. For those whose tastes tend towards blondes, they perform nightly, as do stunning redheads and statuesque brunettes. To help quench your dry mouth after your tounge has hit the floor, Tex Avery-style, have one of Bourbon’s barkeeps craft you a primo cocktail or two using its cache of high-end spirits. Just remember, not matter how much liquid courage in fueling your mojo the chances of landing these strippers digits are infinitesimal.

Tips for Planning Your Summer Strip Trip


The first topic is clothing. In most major metropolitan areas, many of the dancer boutiques are open until 10pm, and some are open 24 hours. One of my students told me that she went on a tour of clubs throughout the Midwest and never once did it occur to her that she couldn’t shop for shoes or a new outfit at 3 AM when she was in Sioux City, Iowa! If you tend to pack light, think again! Pack plenty of costumes/outfits and be sure to bring at least one gown.

Phoenix Scottsdale Stripper License

phoenix scottsdale stripper license

If you want to work as an exotic dancer in Phoenix for the Superbowl 2015, be aware that you will need to apply for a business license.  Most of the strip clubs are located within the Phoenix City Limits.  There are only two clubs in Scottsdale: Babe’s Cabaret and Skin Cabaret. Both of those clubs are extremely selective. If you decide that you want to work at Babe’s or Skin, it is in your best interest to audition and get hired first because the Scottsdale license is very expensive.